Wheel/Tire Mounting and Balancing

Wheel and Tire Mounting and Balancing in Kenosha, WI

CNC Off Road offers mounting and balancing of wheels and tires for both off-road and street vehicles- passenger cars, vans, SUVs, and light trucks. Bring your vehicle into us and have us get your wheel balance and alignment back to factory specs to preserve the life of your tires. Or, if it’s time for new tires, we can help you select the proper set for your vehicle and mount, balance and maintain them properly to help:

  • Preserve tread life
  • Improve your fuel economy
  • Smooth out your overall ride, and
  • Eliminate pulling due to imbalance

Signs You May Need Wheel Balancing

  • Tires squealing
  • Experience your vehicle pulling to either side
  • Excessive vibrating while riding in your vehicle

Maintaining your tires is an important part of keeping your vehicle operating safely. Let the experts at CNC Off Road order your vehicle’s new wheels and tires, mount and balance them correctly, to get you back up and running safely and asap!

We make sure that you are set up with durable wheels from Wheel Pros and high quality tires from Pomps Tires at affordable prices. We make sure the tires are a good match for your vehicle, whether they are customized or standard issue. We will also:

  • Install quality valve stems
  • Check and replace lugs as needed, tightening them to proper torque
  • Check for proper caliper distance and clearance

tires by cnc offroad

We can now do up to 40″ tires / 28″ wheels and low profile tires! Come get your dream wheels!

Replacing Your Tires

Wear and tear happens over time with the regular use of tires on the road. Off roading increases the frequency and possibility of earlier tire wear and tear.  Check the following to see if you may need new tires:

  • Irregular wear in the treads
  • Bumps or bulges in the tire
  • Treads that are below 4/32

Call CNC Off Road soon to schedule your next wheel or tire installation, mount and balancing! We will get you back on the road (or the off roads!) as soon as possible! We proudly serve all the wheel and tire needs of Kenosha, Racine,  Pleasant Prairie, Burlington, Lake Geneva, Waukegan and all the surrounding areas.



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